Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson net worth (Updated 2024).

Grant Wilson is best known for his role as one of the co-founders of the popular paranormal investigation show, Ghost Hunters. Alongside his friend and fellow investigator, Jason Hawes, Wilson helped launch the show in 2004, which quickly gained a large following due to its unique approach to exploring haunted locations. Wilson’s interest in the paranormal began at a young age, and he eventually turned his passion into a career by co-founding The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) with Hawes. Through their work on Ghost Hunters, Wilson and Hawes became household names in the world of paranormal investigation.

Grant Wilson’s career as a ghost hunter took off after the success of Ghost Hunters, which ran for 11 seasons and spawned several spin-off shows. Wilson’s calm demeanor and analytical approach to investigating the supernatural made him a fan favorite among viewers. His dedication to uncovering the truth behind paranormal activity led to numerous memorable investigations and encounters with unexplained phenomena. Wilson’s influence in the field of paranormal research continues to be felt, as he remains a respected figure among both fans of the show and fellow investigators.

Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson’s Current Net Worth

Grant Wilson’s current net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. His success as a paranormal investigator and television personality has contributed to his wealth over the years.


Grant Wilson rose to fame as one of the co-founders of the hit paranormal reality TV show Ghost Hunters. He spent more than a decade investigating and exploring the supernatural on the show before deciding to leave to focus on other ventures.

Other Ventures

Apart from his work on Ghost Hunters, Grant Wilson has also pursued other ventures in the paranormal field. He has appeared on various television shows, hosted events, and even started his own production company to create content related to the supernatural.


Grant Wilson’s exact assets are not publicly disclosed, but as a successful TV personality and entrepreneur, he likely owns properties, investments, and other valuable assets that contribute to his overall net worth.

Annual Income

Grant Wilson’s annual income varies depending on his projects and ventures in a given year. As a well-known figure in the paranormal world, he likely earns a substantial income from various sources such as TV appearances, events, and investments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson

What is Grant Wilson’s net worth?

Grant Wilson’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million.

How did Grant Wilson accumulate his wealth?

Grant Wilson accumulated his wealth primarily through his work as a co-founder and lead investigator on the popular television show “Ghost Hunters.” He has also been involved in various other paranormal-related projects and endeavors.

Is Grant Wilson still involved in the paranormal investigation field?

Yes, Grant Wilson continues to be involved in the paranormal investigation field, participating in various projects, events, and appearances related to the supernatural and ghost hunting.

Has Grant Wilson won any awards or accolades for his work in the paranormal field?

While Grant Wilson has not won any major awards for his work in the paranormal field, he is widely recognized and respected for his contributions to the ghost hunting community.

Does Grant Wilson have any other sources of income besides his work in the paranormal field?

Grant Wilson has been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, including authoring books, creating a board game, and offering ghost-hunting classes, which have contributed to his net worth.

What is Grant Wilson’s background in paranormal investigation?

Grant Wilson developed an interest in the paranormal at a young age and co-founded The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) with Jason Hawes. He gained widespread recognition through his work on the television show “Ghost Hunters.”

How has Grant Wilson’s net worth changed over the years?

Grant Wilson’s net worth has fluctuated over the years, reflecting the success of his various projects and endeavors in the paranormal field. As of now, his net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million.

Does Grant Wilson have any plans for future projects in the paranormal field?

While specific details about Grant Wilson’s future projects in the paranormal field are not publicly known, he continues to be actively involved in various ghost hunting-related activities and events.

Is Grant Wilson active on social media or other platforms where fans can follow his work?

Yes, Grant Wilson is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where fans can follow his latest projects, appearances, and updates in the paranormal field.

How can fans support Grant Wilson and his work in the paranormal field?

Fans can support Grant Wilson by following him on social media, attending his events, purchasing his books, and participating in any upcoming projects or initiatives he may be involved in within the paranormal field.


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