Eivin And Eve Kilcher Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Eivin and Eve Kilcher are best known for their appearances on the popular reality TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” The couple, who are both descendants of the Kilcher family, first gained recognition for their unique lifestyle and homesteading skills showcased on the show. Eivin, a skilled hunter and fisherman, and Eve, a talented gardener and cook, quickly became fan favorites for their resourcefulness and dedication to living off the land.

Eivin and Eve Kilcher’s journey to fame began when they joined the cast of “Alaska: The Last Frontier” in 2011. The show, which follows the Kilcher family as they navigate the challenges of living in the remote wilderness of Alaska, provided a platform for Eivin and Eve to share their expertise in sustainable living and traditional homesteading practices. As the series gained popularity, Eivin and Eve’s down-to-earth personalities and strong family values resonated with viewers, further solidifying their status as beloved members of the Kilcher clan.

Current Net Worth

Eivin and Eve Kilcher have an estimated combined net worth of $6 million.


Eivin and Eve Kilcher are best known for their appearances on the reality TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” They showcase their skills in homesteading, farming, and survival in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

Other Ventures

Apart from their TV show, Eivin and Eve Kilcher also run a successful wilderness retreat business where they offer workshops on homesteading, farming, and sustainable living practices.


Eivin and Eve Kilcher own a vast piece of land in Alaska where they have built their homestead. They have various assets including livestock, farming equipment, and a range of sustainable living structures.

Annual Income

Eivin and Eve Kilcher’s annual income primarily comes from their TV show, appearances, book deals, and their wilderness retreat business. Their combined income is estimated to be in the high six figures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eivin And Eve Kilcher

1. How did Eivin and Eve Kilcher become famous?

Eivin and Eve Kilcher became famous through their appearances on the reality TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” which follows the Kilcher family’s homestead life in Alaska.

2. What is Eivin and Eve Kilcher’s primary source of income?

Aside from their TV show appearances, Eivin and Eve Kilcher earn income from various sources including their book sales, public speaking engagements, and their work on the family’s homestead.

3. How did Eivin and Eve Kilcher meet?

Eivin and Eve Kilcher met through mutual friends and quickly bonded over their shared love for the outdoors and living off the land.

4. How much is Eivin and Eve Kilcher’s net worth?

As of [current year], Eivin and Eve Kilcher’s net worth is estimated to be around [insert estimated net worth here].

5. Do Eivin and Eve Kilcher have children?

Yes, Eivin and Eve Kilcher have two children together, a son named Findlay and a daughter named Sparrow.

6. How long have Eivin and Eve Kilcher been married?

Eivin and Eve Kilcher have been married for [insert number of years] years.

7. Where do Eivin and Eve Kilcher live?

Eivin and Eve Kilcher live on the Kilcher family homestead in Alaska.

8. What are some of the challenges Eivin and Eve Kilcher face living in Alaska?

Some of the challenges Eivin and Eve Kilcher face living in Alaska include harsh weather conditions, isolation, and the constant struggle to maintain their homestead and provide for their family.

9. Are Eivin and Eve Kilcher planning to expand their family?

Eivin and Eve Kilcher have expressed interest in expanding their family in the future, but as of now, they are focusing on raising their two children and managing their homestead.

10. What are Eivin and Eve Kilcher’s future plans?

Eivin and Eve Kilcher plan to continue living off the land, sharing their lifestyle with others through their TV show and other ventures, and teach their children the importance of self-sufficiency and sustainability.


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