Cody Jesus Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Cody Jesus is a rising star in the world of professional bull riding. Hailing from Window Rock, Arizona, Cody began his career at a young age, honing his skills and passion for the sport. His dedication and hard work paid off as he quickly made a name for himself in the rodeo circuit, impressing fans and fellow riders alike with his fearless riding style and natural talent.

As Cody continued to compete in various rodeo events, his popularity grew, and he soon became a household name in the bull riding community. With numerous wins under his belt, Cody’s career skyrocketed, earning him a reputation as one of the top riders in the sport. His determination and perseverance have not only solidified his place as a professional bull rider but have also inspired a new generation of riders to follow in his footsteps.

Current Net Worth

Cody Jesus’s current net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.


Cody Jesus is a professional bull rider who has participated in numerous rodeo competitions and has gained popularity for his skills in the sport.

Other Ventures

Apart from his bull riding career, Cody Jesus has also dabbled in modeling and has worked with various brands for endorsement deals.


Cody Jesus owns a ranch in his hometown where he trains and rides bulls for competitions.

Annual Income

Cody Jesus earns a substantial income from his bull riding competitions, brand endorsements, and other business ventures, amounting to an annual income of over $200,000.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cody Jesus

What is Cody Jesus’ current net worth?

Cody Jesus’ current net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He has earned this through his successful professional bull riding career as well as various endorsements and sponsorships.

How did Cody Jesus become successful in professional bull riding?

Cody Jesus began his professional bull riding career at a young age and quickly rose to success due to his natural talent and hard work. He has won numerous competitions and titles, solidifying his place as one of the top riders in the sport.

Does Cody Jesus have any other sources of income besides bull riding?

In addition to his earnings from bull riding competitions, Cody Jesus also earns money through endorsements, sponsorships, and appearances. These additional sources of income contribute to his overall net worth.

What are some of Cody Jesus’ career achievements in professional bull riding?

Cody Jesus has had a successful career in professional bull riding, with several notable achievements. He has won multiple competitions, been ranked among the top riders in the world, and earned recognition for his skill and dedication to the sport.

How does Cody Jesus manage his finances and investments?

Cody Jesus is known for being smart with his finances and investments. He works closely with financial advisors to ensure that his money is well-managed and invested wisely for the future.

Has Cody Jesus faced any challenges in his professional bull riding career?

Like any professional athlete, Cody Jesus has faced his fair share of challenges in his career. He has dealt with injuries, setbacks, and tough competition, but has always persevered and bounced back stronger.

Is Cody Jesus involved in any charitable causes or philanthropy?

Cody Jesus is known for his involvement in various charitable causes and philanthropic efforts. He has supported organizations that benefit children in need, veterans, and other causes that are important to him.

What are some of the upcoming events or projects that Cody Jesus is involved in?

Cody Jesus continues to stay active in the professional bull riding circuit, competing in various events and staying involved in the sport. He may also have upcoming projects or endorsements in the works, so fans should stay tuned for updates.

How does Cody Jesus balance his personal life with his professional career?

Cody Jesus prioritizes his personal life and relationships while also dedicating himself to his professional bull riding career. He maintains a healthy work-life balance, making time for family, friends, and hobbies outside of the sport.

What advice does Cody Jesus have for aspiring bull riders or young athletes?

Cody Jesus encourages aspiring bull riders and young athletes to stay committed, work hard, and never give up on their dreams. He stresses the importance of discipline, perseverance, and a strong support system in achieving success in any sport or career.


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