Doggface Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Doggface, also known as Nathan Apodaca, rose to fame in 2020 after a video of him skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac went viral on social media. The video quickly gained millions of views and caught the attention of celebrities and brands alike. Doggface’s carefree attitude and positive energy resonated with people around the world, leading to a surge in popularity for the Idaho-based TikTok star.

Prior to his viral moment, Doggface worked at a potato warehouse and posted videos of himself skateboarding and lip-syncing to popular songs on TikTok. His laid-back demeanor and relatable content struck a chord with viewers, ultimately propelling him to internet stardom. As a result of his newfound fame, Doggface has since collaborated with major brands, appeared on television shows, and amassed a large following on social media platforms.

Current Net Worth

Doggface’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Through various income streams, he has built a successful career for himself and continues to grow his wealth.


Doggface rose to fame through his viral TikTok video where he skateboards while drinking cranberry juice. This catapulted him into social media stardom, leading to partnerships with brands and opportunities for collaborations.

Other Ventures

Aside from his social media presence, Doggface has ventured into music and merchandise. He released his own line of merchandise and has also collaborated with artists in the music industry.


Doggface has invested in real estate and luxury items, showcasing his success and financial stability. His assets include properties, vehicles, and other valuable possessions.

Annual Income

Doggface’s annual income is reported to be in the six-figure range, mostly coming from brand partnerships, sponsored content, and merchandise sales. He continues to explore new opportunities to expand his income streams.

Frequently Asked Questions about Doggface

1. Who is Doggface?

Doggface, whose real name is Nathan Apodaca, is a social media influencer known for his viral TikTok video where he skateboards to the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac while drinking cranberry juice.

2. What is Doggface’s net worth?

As of 2024, Doggface’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. However, this figure may vary as his popularity and social media presence continue to grow.

3. How did Doggface become famous?

Doggface became famous after his TikTok video of skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice went viral, gaining millions of views and likes. His carefree and laid-back vibe resonated with many people, leading to his rise in popularity.

4. Does Doggface make money from his social media presence?

Yes, Doggface makes money through sponsored posts, brand collaborations, and merchandise sales on his social media platforms. His viral fame has opened up opportunities for him to monetize his online presence.

5. What other projects is Doggface involved in?

Aside from his social media presence, Doggface has collaborated with various brands for endorsements and partnerships. He also sells merchandise such as apparel and accessories featuring his iconic skateboarding video.

6. How does Doggface use his wealth?

While specific details are not publicly disclosed, Doggface likely uses his wealth to support himself, his family, and to invest in his personal and professional endeavors. He may also donate to charitable causes or support community initiatives.

7. What are some challenges Doggface has faced in his career?

Like many social media influencers, Doggface has likely faced challenges such as navigating sudden fame, managing public expectations, and dealing with online criticism or scrutiny. However, he has also found success and opportunities through his viral fame.

8. How does Doggface engage with his fans and followers?

Doggface interacts with his fans and followers through social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. He shares content, responds to comments, and occasionally hosts live streams or Q&A sessions to engage with his audience.

9. What are some future plans for Doggface?

While specific details are not known, Doggface may continue to grow his online presence, explore new opportunities for collaborations, and possibly venture into other creative projects. He may also continue to engage with his fans and followers through social media.

10. How can fans support Doggface?

Fans can support Doggface by following him on his social media accounts, engaging with his content, purchasing his merchandise, and promoting his work to friends and followers. Additionally, attending any events or collaborations he participates in can also show support for his career.


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