Bracken Darrell Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Bracken Darrell is a prominent figure in the tech industry, known for his leadership and innovation. He began his career at Procter & Gamble, where he held various executive positions before moving on to a successful tenure at Logitech. Darrell’s strategic vision and ability to drive growth led to his appointment as CEO of Logitech in 2012, where he transformed the company into a global leader in personal technology. Under his leadership, Logitech experienced significant revenue growth and expanded its product offerings, solidifying Darrell’s reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking leader.

Darrell’s success at Logitech caught the attention of the board at Logitech’s competitor, Intel, where he was appointed CEO in 2019. His focus on innovation and customer-centric approach has continued to drive success at Intel, with the company experiencing growth and expansion under his leadership. Darrell’s ability to navigate the rapidly changing tech landscape and drive results has cemented his status as a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Current Net Worth

According to recent reports, Bracken Darrell’s current net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.


Bracken Darrell is the CEO of Logitech, a position he has held since 2013. Prior to joining Logitech, he held leadership roles at companies like Whirlpool and Procter & Gamble.

Other Ventures

In addition to his role at Logitech, Bracken Darrell is also a member of the Board of Directors at Tile, a company that specializes in Bluetooth tracking devices.


Bracken Darrell is known to own a substantial amount of assets, including a luxury home in California and investments in various stocks and real estate properties.

Annual Income

Bracken Darrell’s annual income is reported to be in the high seven figures, with a significant portion coming from his salary and bonuses as the CEO of Logitech.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bracken Darrell

1. What is Bracken Darrell’s net worth?

Bracken Darrell’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

2. How did Bracken Darrell accumulate his wealth?

Bracken Darrell accumulated his wealth through his successful career in executive leadership roles at various technology companies, including Logitech.

3. Is Bracken Darrell considered a successful entrepreneur?

Yes, Bracken Darrell is considered a successful entrepreneur due to his leadership and innovative strategies that have contributed to the growth of the companies he has been a part of.

4. What is Bracken Darrell’s background in terms of education and work experience?

Bracken Darrell holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Boston University and has extensive experience in the tech industry, working in leadership positions at companies like Whirlpool and Logitech.

5. How has Bracken Darrell’s leadership impacted Logitech’s success?

Under Bracken Darrell’s leadership, Logitech has seen significant growth and profitability, with a focus on innovation and expanding into new markets.

6. Does Bracken Darrell have any notable achievements or awards in his career?

Bracken Darrell has been recognized for his leadership and contributions to the tech industry, receiving awards such as the CEO of the Year award from the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce.

7. What are some of Bracken Darrell’s contributions to the tech industry?

Bracken Darrell is known for driving innovation in the tech industry, particularly in the realm of consumer electronics and computer peripherals, through product development and strategic partnerships.

8. How has Bracken Darrell’s net worth changed over the years?

Bracken Darrell’s net worth has grown significantly over the years, reflecting his success in his career and the companies he has been a part of.

9. What are some key insights from Bracken Darrell’s career journey?

Key insights from Bracken Darrell’s career journey include the importance of innovation, leadership, and strategic decision-making in driving business success and growth.

10. How does Bracken Darrell plan to continue his success in the future?

Bracken Darrell plans to continue his success by focusing on driving innovation, expanding into new markets, and leading with a customer-centric approach in his executive roles.


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