Famous Amos Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Wally Amos, better known as Famous Amos, began his career in the cookie business in the 1970s. He started by opening a small cookie store in Los Angeles, where he baked his homemade chocolate chip cookies. His cookies quickly gained popularity due to their delicious taste and unique texture, attracting customers from all over the city.

As word spread about Famous Amos cookies, Wally’s business began to grow rapidly. He eventually expanded his operations and started selling his cookies in grocery stores across the country. With his charming personality and passion for baking, Famous Amos became a household name in the cookie industry. Today, his cookies are still beloved by many for their rich flavor and crunchy texture, solidifying his status as a legendary figure in the world of sweet treats.

Current Net Worth

Famous Amos’s current net worth is approximately $5 million.


Famous Amos, founded by Wally Amos in 1975, is known for its delicious chocolate chip cookies. Amos’s passion for baking led him to create his own cookie recipe which became a hit with consumers nationwide.

Other Ventures

Aside from his famous cookie brand, Famous Amos has ventured into other business opportunities such as public speaking and writing books. Amos has also made appearances in various TV shows and commercials.


Famous Amos’s assets include various real estate properties, investments in stocks, and valuable personal belongings such as art and jewelry.

Annual Income

Famous Amos’s annual income is estimated to be around $500,000, primarily from royalties and endorsements related to his cookie brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Famous Amos

1. How much is Famous Amos’ net worth?

Famous Amos, also known as Wally Amos, has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

2. How did Famous Amos amass his wealth?

Famous Amos gained his wealth through his cookie business, Famous Amos, which he started in 1975. The business became very successful and helped him build his net worth.

3. Does Famous Amos still own the Famous Amos cookie brand?

No, Famous Amos sold the Famous Amos cookie brand in 1985 and is no longer affiliated with the company. He currently runs The Cookie Kahuna, a cookie business in Hawaii.

4. What other ventures has Famous Amos been involved in?

Aside from his cookie businesses, Famous Amos has also been involved in various television and radio programs, as well as writing books. He is also a motivational speaker and advocates for literacy programs.

5. How did Famous Amos get started in the cookie business?

Famous Amos started his cookie business in Los Angeles by using his Aunt Della’s cookie recipe. He sold his cookies to local businesses and shops before growing his brand nationally.

6. Is Famous Amos still active in the business world?

Yes, Famous Amos is still active in the business world. He continues to run The Cookie Kahuna and is involved in various entrepreneurial endeavors.

7. What is Famous Amos’ background before starting his cookie business?

Famous Amos worked in the music industry before starting his cookie business. He was a talent agent at William Morris Agency and also managed musical acts such as Simon & Garfunkel and Marvin Gaye.

8. Where can I find Famous Amos’ cookies now?

Famous Amos’ cookies can be found in various retail stores and online retailers. Additionally, his new brand, The Cookie Kahuna, offers a variety of cookie flavors for purchase.

9. Does Famous Amos have any philanthropic efforts?

Yes, Famous Amos is involved in various philanthropic efforts, including supporting literacy programs and advocating for children’s education. He is also a speaker for social and environmental issues.

10. What is Famous Amos’ legacy in the business world?

Famous Amos is known for revolutionizing the cookie industry with his gourmet cookies and innovative marketing strategies. His legacy includes being a pioneer in the cookie business and inspiring future entrepreneurs.


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