Derek Maxfield Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Derek Maxfield is a renowned entrepreneur and business leader who has made a significant impact in the world of direct sales. He began his career by founding Younique, a cosmetics company that quickly gained popularity for its innovative products and unique business model. Through his strategic vision and leadership, Derek Maxfield successfully grew Younique into a global brand, attracting millions of customers and independent presenters worldwide.

Derek Maxfield’s success with Younique led to him being recognized as a top entrepreneur in the direct sales industry. His commitment to empowering women through entrepreneurship and his dedication to creating high-quality products have solidified his reputation as a leader in the beauty industry. Derek Maxfield’s journey from founding Younique to becoming a household name in the world of direct sales is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

Current Net Worth

Derek Maxfield’s current net worth is estimated to be $100 million, making him a highly successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry.


Derek Maxfield co-founded Younique in 2012, a cosmetics company that quickly gained popularity for its innovative direct sales model. He has since led the company to significant growth and success, making him a prominent figure in the beauty industry.

Other Ventures

Apart from Younique, Derek Maxfield has also ventured into real estate investments and philanthropy, demonstrating his diverse business interests and commitment to giving back to the community.


Derek Maxfield’s assets include luxury properties, investments in various businesses, and a sizeable personal collection of art and jewelry, reflecting his taste for the finer things in life.

Annual Income

Derek Maxfield’s annual income is reported to be in the millions, primarily derived from his successful ventures in the beauty industry and real estate investments. His financial success has solidified his position as a top entrepreneur in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Derek Maxfield

What is Derek Maxfield’s net worth?

Derek Maxfield’s current estimated net worth is approximately $5 million.

How did Derek Maxfield accumulate his wealth?

Derek Maxfield is the co-founder of Younique, a successful cosmetics company that has contributed significantly to his net worth.

What other business ventures has Derek Maxfield been involved in?

Aside from Younique, Derek Maxfield has also been involved in real estate investments and various entrepreneurial ventures.

Is Derek Maxfield actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Younique?

While Derek Maxfield has taken a step back from the daily operations of Younique, he still remains involved in strategic decision-making for the company.

Does Derek Maxfield have any charitable endeavors?

Yes, Derek Maxfield is known to be involved in various charitable organizations and philanthropic efforts, giving back to the community.

What is Derek Maxfield’s background before co-founding Younique?

Prior to Younique, Derek Maxfield had a background in sales and marketing, with experience in the cosmetics industry.

Has Derek Maxfield faced any controversies or legal issues in his career?

There are no major controversies or legal issues that have been reported involving Derek Maxfield.

What is Derek Maxfield’s approach to entrepreneurship and business management?

Derek Maxfield is known for his innovative and strategic approach to business, focusing on empowering individuals and fostering a positive company culture.

Is Derek Maxfield active on social media or public platforms?

While Derek Maxfield maintains a low profile, he does have a presence on social media platforms where he occasionally shares updates and insights about his work.

What can we expect from Derek Maxfield in the future?

Given his track record of success and entrepreneurial spirit, it is likely that Derek Maxfield will continue to explore new business opportunities and make a positive impact in the industry.


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