Ashley And Michael Cordray Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Ashley and Michael Cordray are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo who have made a name for themselves in the world of home renovation and design. Their journey began when they purchased their first fixer-upper home in Houston, Texas, and decided to document the renovation process on social media. Their authentic and relatable approach quickly gained them a loyal following, leading to opportunities to collaborate with major brands and television networks.

Through their hard work and dedication, Ashley and Michael Cordray have become household names in the home improvement industry. Their passion for transforming outdated spaces into beautiful, functional homes has resonated with audiences across the country, earning them a reputation for their innovative design ideas and attention to detail. Today, they continue to inspire and educate others through their popular blog, social media channels, and television appearances, showcasing their talent and expertise in the world of home renovation.

Ashley And Michael Cordray’s Current Net Worth

As of the latest available information, Ashley and Michael Cordray’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.


Ashley and Michael Cordray are best known for their roles on the hit HGTV show “Restored by the Fords.” They have gained recognition for their expertise in renovating and designing homes, showcasing their unique style and creative vision.

Other Ventures

In addition to their successful TV show, Ashley and Michael Cordray have also ventured into real estate investing and interior design consulting. They have built a strong reputation in the industry and continue to expand their portfolio of projects.


Ashley and Michael Cordray own several properties in the Pittsburgh area, which they have renovated and redesigned to showcase their talent and creativity. Their assets also include various investments in the real estate market.

Annual Income

With their successful TV show, real estate investments, and consulting projects, Ashley and Michael Cordray’s annual income is estimated to be in the high six figures. They continue to grow their business and enhance their reputation in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ashley And Michael Cordray

1. Who are Ashley And Michael Cordray?

Ashley and Michael Cordray are a married couple who gained fame through their roles on DIY Network’s hit show “Listed Sisters.”

2. What is Ashley And Michael Cordray’s net worth?

As of 2024, Ashley and Michael Cordray’s combined net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

3. How did Ashley And Michael Cordray make their money?

Ashley and Michael Cordray made their money through their successful real estate business as well as their television appearances on “Listed Sisters.”

4. Are Ashley And Michael Cordray still on Listed Sisters?

No, Ashley and Michael Cordray are no longer on Listed Sisters as the show ended in 2018 after three seasons.

5. Do Ashley And Michael Cordray have any children?

Yes, Ashley and Michael Cordray have a daughter named Rosie.

6. Where do Ashley And Michael Cordray currently live?

Ashley and Michael Cordray currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

7. What other businesses do Ashley And Michael Cordray own?

Ashley and Michael Cordray own a real estate investment company called “Township Homes.”

8. Have Ashley And Michael Cordray written any books?

Yes, Ashley and Michael Cordray released a book titled “Desperate Landlord.” It provides tips and advice for property owners and tenants in the real estate industry.

9. Are Ashley And Michael Cordray active on social media?

Yes, Ashley and Michael Cordray are active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where they share updates on their projects and family life.

10. What are some of Ashley And Michael Cordray’s future projects?

Ashley and Michael Cordray continue to work on various real estate projects in Nashville and are exploring opportunities for new television shows in the future.


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