Erik Rubin Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Erik Rubin is a Mexican singer, actor, and musician who rose to fame in the 1980s as a member of the popular boy band Timbiriche. Born on January 30, 1971, in Mexico City, Rubin began his career at a young age, joining Timbiriche at just 11 years old. The group quickly gained a large following in Mexico and throughout Latin America, propelling Rubin to stardom.

After achieving success with Timbiriche, Rubin embarked on a solo career, releasing several albums that showcased his versatile musical talents. His debut solo album, “Erik Rubin,” was released in 1993 and featured hit singles like “Tu Voz” and “Dame Amor.” Rubin’s unique voice and charismatic stage presence helped him establish himself as a solo artist, earning him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Throughout his career, Rubin has continued to evolve as an artist, exploring different musical genres and collaborating with other talented musicians.

Current Net Worth

Erik Rubin’s current net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.


Erik Rubin rose to fame as a member of the Mexican pop group Timbiriche in the 1980s. He later pursued a successful solo career, releasing multiple albums and singles. Rubin has also ventured into acting, appearing in various films and TV shows.

Other Ventures

Aside from music and acting, Erik Rubin has also been involved in the restaurant industry, owning and operating multiple successful establishments. He has also dabbled in fashion, collaborating with various brands on clothing lines.


Erik Rubin owns several properties in Mexico and the United States, including a luxury home in Los Angeles. He also possesses a collection of vintage cars and designer watches.

Annual Income

Erik Rubin’s annual income is estimated to be in the range of $500,000 to $1 million, with earnings coming from his music sales, acting roles, investments, and various business ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Erik Rubin

1. Who is Erik Rubin?

Erik Rubin is a Mexican singer, actor, and musician who gained fame in the 1980s as a member of the popular group Timbiriche.

2. What is Erik Rubin’s net worth?

As of 2024, Erik Rubin’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

3. How did Erik Rubin accumulate his wealth?

Erik Rubin earned his wealth through his successful career as a singer, actor, and musician. He has released several albums both as a solo artist and as part of Timbiriche, and has also appeared in various television shows and movies.

4. Is Erik Rubin currently active in the entertainment industry?

Yes, Erik Rubin continues to be active in the entertainment industry, releasing new music and occasionally appearing in television shows and movies.

5. Does Erik Rubin have any upcoming projects?

As of now, there is no information available about Erik Rubin’s upcoming projects. However, fans can stay updated by following him on social media.

6. What are some of Erik Rubin’s most popular songs?

Some of Erik Rubin’s most popular songs include “Azul”, “Ya Empezó la Fiesta”, and “Enamorado de Ti”.

7. Has Erik Rubin won any awards for his work?

Yes, Erik Rubin has won several awards throughout his career, including a Latin Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Album in 2014.

8. Does Erik Rubin have any other business ventures besides his music career?

There is no information available about Erik Rubin’s involvement in any other business ventures besides his music career.

9. Is Erik Rubin married?

Yes, Erik Rubin is married to Andrea Legarreta, a Mexican actress and television host. They have been married since 2000 and have two children together.

10. Where can I find more information about Erik Rubin’s career and personal life?

For more information about Erik Rubin, you can visit his official website or follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.


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