Chinx Drugz Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Chinx Drugz, born Lionel Pickens, was a rapper from Queens, New York who rose to fame in the early 2000s. He started his career as a member of the Riot Squad, a hip-hop group that gained popularity in the underground rap scene. Chinx Drugz eventually went solo and signed with French Montana’s Coke Boys record label, where he released several mixtapes and albums that showcased his gritty lyrics and unique flow.

Chinx Drugz’s breakout moment came with the release of his mixtape “Cocaine Riot” in 2012, which garnered critical acclaim and helped him build a loyal fan base. His collaboration with French Montana on the hit single “I’m a Coke Boy” further solidified his status as a rising star in the rap world. With his streetwise lyrics and charismatic personality, Chinx Drugz quickly became a respected figure in the hip-hop community, known for his raw talent and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Chinx Drugz’s Current Net Worth

According to recent reports, Chinx Drugz’s current net worth is estimated to be $1 million.


Chinx Drugz rose to fame as a rapper and was a member of French Montana’s Coke Boys group. He released several mixtapes and albums during his career, gaining a strong following in the hip-hop community.

Other Ventures

In addition to his music career, Chinx Drugz was also involved in other ventures such as clothing lines and collaborations with other artists in the industry.


Chinx Drugz owned a home in Queens, New York, and had several luxury cars in his possession, showcasing his success in the music industry.

Annual Income

Chinx Drugz’s annual income was reported to be in the six-figure range, coming from his music sales, performances, and various business ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chinx Drugz

What is Chinx Drugz’s net worth?

Chinx Drugz’s estimated net worth at the time of his death was around $350,000.

How did Chinx Drugz make his money?

Chinx Drugz made his money through his music career as a rapper, songwriter, and performer. He also earned income from music royalties, performances, and merchandise sales.

Did Chinx Drugz have any other sources of income?

Aside from his music career, Chinx Drugz also had investments in real estate and a clothing line that contributed to his overall net worth.

What was Chinx Drugz’s biggest hit song?

One of Chinx Drugz’s biggest hit songs was “Feelings” featuring French Montana, which was released in 2014 and received critical acclaim.

How did Chinx Drugz’s net worth change over the years?

Chinx Drugz’s net worth saw a significant increase during his music career as he gained popularity and success in the industry. However, his untimely death had an impact on his overall net worth at the time of his passing.

What was Chinx Drugz’s financial status at the time of his death?

At the time of his death, Chinx Drugz was in a comfortable financial position with assets and income from his music career and other ventures.

Were there any controversies surrounding Chinx Drugz’s finances?

There were no major controversies surrounding Chinx Drugz’s finances. However, there were some speculations and rumors about his wealth and earnings, which were later clarified by his representatives.

Did Chinx Drugz leave behind a will or estate plan?

It is unclear whether Chinx Drugz had a will or estate plan in place at the time of his death, as there was no public information available regarding his estate planning.

What impact did Chinx Drugz’s net worth have on his family and loved ones?

Chinx Drugz’s net worth provided financial stability and support for his family and loved ones after his passing. His estate and assets were likely distributed according to his wishes and legal procedures.

How is Chinx Drugz’s legacy being preserved financially?

Chinx Drugz’s legacy is being preserved financially through the continued sales of his music, merchandise, and royalties. His estate and representatives also manage his financial affairs to ensure that his legacy is sustained and supported for years to come.


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