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Anne Gimenez is a prominent figure in the world of Christian ministry, known for her dynamic preaching and leadership. She began her career alongside her husband, John Gimenez, founding the Rock Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1968. Together, they grew the church into a thriving congregation, attracting thousands of members with their passionate sermons and commitment to serving the community.

Anne Gimenez’s influence expanded beyond the walls of the Rock Church as she became a sought-after speaker at conferences and events around the world. Her powerful messages on faith, family, and social issues resonated with audiences of all backgrounds, earning her a reputation as a respected voice in the Christian community. Through her dedication to spreading the gospel and empowering others to live out their faith, Anne Gimenez has left a lasting impact on countless lives.

Current Net Worth

Anne Gimenez’s current net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.


Anne Gimenez has had a successful career as a pastor, author, and speaker. She co-founded Rock Church International with her husband in Virginia Beach and has been a prominent figure in the religious community for decades.

Other Ventures

In addition to her work in the church, Anne Gimenez has also written several books and spoken at various events and conferences. She is known for her inspirational messages and has a strong following both in person and online.


Anne Gimenez’s assets include her home in Virginia Beach, investments in various projects, and a collection of valuable personal items. She has built a comfortable lifestyle for herself and her family over the years.

Annual Income

Anne Gimenez’s annual income comes from donations to Rock Church International, royalties from her books, and speaking engagements. She continues to earn a steady income from her various professional pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anne Gimenez

1. How did Anne Gimenez accumulate her net worth?

Anne Gimenez accumulated her net worth primarily through her work as a minister, author, and speaker. She has been involved in various ministry work and has written several books over the years, which have contributed to her overall net worth.

2. What is the estimated net worth of Anne Gimenez?

While the exact net worth of Anne Gimenez is not publicly disclosed, it is estimated to be in the millions based on her successful career in ministry and writing.

3. Does Anne Gimenez have any other sources of income apart from her ministry work?

Aside from her ministry work, Anne Gimenez may also generate income from speaking engagements, book sales, and other related activities. She has been actively involved in various aspects of Christian ministry, which can contribute to her overall net worth.

4. How long has Anne Gimenez been in ministry?

Anne Gimenez has been actively involved in Christian ministry for several decades. She and her late husband, John Gimenez, founded the Rock Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and she has continued their ministry work since his passing.

5. Are there any controversies surrounding Anne Gimenez’s wealth?

There have been no major controversies surrounding Anne Gimenez’s wealth. She is known for her work in ministry and is respected in the Christian community for her contributions.

6. Does Anne Gimenez donate any of her wealth to charitable causes?

Anne Gimenez has been known to support various charitable causes through her ministry work. She and her late husband were actively involved in outreach programs and charitable endeavors throughout their ministry.

7. Is Anne Gimenez’s net worth publicly available?

Anne Gimenez’s exact net worth is not publicly available, as she is a private individual. However, her financial success in ministry and writing is evident through her various projects and endeavors.

8. What impact has Anne Gimenez had on the Christian community?

Anne Gimenez has had a significant impact on the Christian community through her ministry work, writing, and speaking engagements. She has inspired many believers around the world and continues to spread the message of faith and hope.

9. Has Anne Gimenez received any awards or recognition for her work?

Anne Gimenez has received various awards and recognition for her contributions to the Christian community. She is well-respected in ministry circles and has been honored for her dedication and service.

10. What are some of the books authored by Anne Gimenez?

Anne Gimenez has authored several books on topics related to faith, Christian living, and ministry. Some of her notable works include “Tyler the Cuddly Toilet,” “Not by Might, Nor by Power,” and “Your Faith Has Made You Whole.”


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