Drew Taggart Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Drew Taggart, born on December 31, 1989, is a talented musician and producer who rose to fame as one half of the electronic music duo The Chainsmokers. Taggart’s career began when he met Alex Pall in 2012, and the two quickly bonded over their shared passion for music production. Together, they formed The Chainsmokers and released their breakthrough single “#Selfie” in 2014, which catapulted them into the spotlight. Taggart’s unique blend of catchy melodies and infectious beats helped the duo achieve widespread success, with hits like “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” topping the charts.

Taggart’s innovative approach to music production and his ability to connect with audiences through his lyrics have solidified his status as a prominent figure in the music industry. His collaborations with artists like Halsey and Coldplay have further showcased his versatility and talent. Taggart’s dedication to his craft and his relentless work ethic have earned him numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards. As he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, Drew Taggart remains a driving force in the industry, captivating audiences around the world with his infectious sound.

Current Net Worth

Drew Taggart’s current net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.


Drew Taggart is a successful DJ and musician who rose to fame as one half of the famous duo, The Chainsmokers. He has collaborated with top artists and received numerous awards for his music.

Other Ventures

Apart from his music career, Drew Taggart has also ventured into fashion and has launched his own clothing line. He has also made several investments in tech startups and real estate.


Drew Taggart owns multiple luxury properties, cars, and has a collection of expensive jewelry and watches. He is known for his lavish lifestyle and love for high-end fashion.

Annual Income

Drew Taggart’s annual income is estimated to be in the range of several million dollars, stemming from his music sales, performances, endorsement deals, and other business ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drew Taggart

What is Drew Taggart’s net worth?

As of 2024, Drew Taggart’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

How did Drew Taggart accumulate his wealth?

Drew Taggart accumulated his wealth through his successful music career as a DJ, producer, and part of the duo The Chainsmokers. He has released multiple hit songs and has performed at numerous concerts and music festivals worldwide.

Is Drew Taggart the wealthiest member of The Chainsmokers?

Yes, Drew Taggart is considered to be the wealthiest member of The Chainsmokers, with a higher net worth compared to his bandmate Alex Pall.

Does Drew Taggart have any other sources of income besides music?

While music is Drew Taggart’s primary source of income, he has also been involved in various brand partnerships, collaborations, and endorsements, which contribute to his overall net worth.

Has Drew Taggart won any awards for his music?

Yes, Drew Taggart has won several awards for his music, including Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards, among others, for his work with The Chainsmokers.

How does Drew Taggart spend his wealth?

Drew Taggart invests his wealth in real estate, luxury cars, fashion, and traveling. He also donates to charitable causes and organizations.

Is Drew Taggart’s net worth expected to increase in the future?

With his successful music career and ongoing projects, Drew Taggart’s net worth is expected to continue growing in the future.

Does Drew Taggart have any upcoming music releases or projects?

While specific details about upcoming music releases or projects may not be publicly announced, fans can expect Drew Taggart to continue creating music and collaborating with other artists in the future.

Is Drew Taggart active on social media?

Yes, Drew Taggart is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he shares updates about his music, travels, and personal life with his followers.

How can fans connect with Drew Taggart online?

Fans can connect with Drew Taggart online through his official social media accounts and website, where they can stay updated on his latest music releases, tours, and personal updates.


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