Diamond Crime Mob Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Diamond Crime Mob is a hip-hop group that originated in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 2000s. The group was formed by members Princess, Diamond, and Kaela, who came together to create music that reflected their experiences growing up in the South. Diamond Crime Mob quickly gained popularity in the Atlanta music scene, known for their energetic performances and catchy hooks.

Their breakout hit “Knuck If You Buck” propelled Diamond Crime Mob to national fame, with the song becoming a staple in clubs and on radio stations across the country. The group’s unique blend of crunk and hip-hop styles set them apart from other artists at the time, and they were soon signed to a major record label. Diamond Crime Mob’s success continued to grow as they released more hit singles and collaborated with other popular artists in the industry.

Diamond Crime Mob’s Current Net Worth

Diamond Crime Mob’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Diamond Crime Mob is a successful hip hop group that rose to fame in the mid-2000s with hits like “Knuck If You Buck” and “Rock Yo Hips.”

Other Ventures

Aside from their music career, Diamond Crime Mob members have pursued individual ventures such as entrepreneurship, acting, and producing.


Diamond Crime Mob’s assets include music royalties, properties, and investments in various businesses.

Annual Income

Diamond Crime Mob earns a substantial annual income through music sales, performances, endorsements, and other revenue streams.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Crime Mob

1. Who is Diamond Crime Mob and what is their net worth?

Diamond Crime Mob is a hip-hop group from Atlanta, Georgia, consisting of members Diamond, Princess, and Kisha. As of 2024, their collective net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

2. How did Diamond Crime Mob gain fame?

Diamond Crime Mob gained fame in the mid-2000s with hits like “Knuck If You Buck” and “Rock Yo Hips.” They are known for their energetic performances and raw lyrics that resonate with fans of Southern rap music.

3. What sources contribute to Diamond Crime Mob’s net worth?

Diamond Crime Mob’s net worth is primarily derived from their music sales, concert tours, merchandise sales, and various endorsement deals. They have also made appearances on reality TV shows and received royalties from their music being licensed for film and television.

4. Are Diamond Crime Mob members still active in the music industry?

While Diamond Crime Mob may not be as prominent in the music industry as they were in the past, the members are still active in their respective solo careers. They occasionally reunite for performances and collaborations, keeping their loyal fan base engaged.

5. How has Diamond Crime Mob’s net worth evolved over the years?

Diamond Crime Mob’s net worth has fluctuated over the years due to changing trends in the music industry, personal endeavors, and other factors. However, they have managed to maintain a solid financial standing through strategic investments and diversifying their income streams.

6. Are there any controversies surrounding Diamond Crime Mob’s net worth?

There have been occasional disputes and controversies surrounding Diamond Crime Mob’s finances, such as disagreements over revenue sharing and contract negotiations. However, the group has managed to resolve these issues through legal channels and maintain their financial stability.

7. What business ventures have Diamond Crime Mob pursued to increase their net worth?

Diamond Crime Mob members have diversified their income by launching clothing lines, beauty products, and other entrepreneurial ventures. They have also invested in real estate and other profitable assets to grow their wealth outside of the music industry.

8. How do Diamond Crime Mob members manage their finances?

Diamond Crime Mob members work with financial advisors and accountants to manage their finances, monitor their investments, and plan for long-term financial security. They prioritize smart spending habits and strategic financial planning to ensure their wealth continues to grow.

9. What philanthropic efforts have Diamond Crime Mob members engaged in?

Diamond Crime Mob members have supported various charitable causes and community initiatives over the years, including youth education programs, anti-violence campaigns, and social justice movements. They use their platform and resources to give back to their community and make a positive impact.

10. How can fans support Diamond Crime Mob and contribute to their net worth?

Fans can support Diamond Crime Mob by purchasing their music, attending their concerts, buying merchandise, and following them on social media. By showing their support and staying engaged with the group’s activities, fans can help increase their net worth and ensure their continued success in the music industry.


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