Ashley Hamilton Net Worth (Updated 2024).

Ashley Hamilton, son of actor George Hamilton and Alana Stewart, began his career in the entertainment industry as a model before transitioning into acting and music. He gained recognition for his roles in films such as “Beethoven’s 2nd” and “Lost in Africa,” as well as appearing on television shows like “Ally McBeal” and “Sunset Beach.” Hamilton’s foray into music led to the release of his debut album, “IMPOSSIBLE,” which showcased his talents as a singer and songwriter.

Hamilton’s career continued to flourish as he ventured into the world of reality television, appearing on shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” His eclectic career path and undeniable talent have solidified his status as a multifaceted entertainer in Hollywood. Hamilton’s unique blend of charisma, talent, and determination has allowed him to carve out a successful niche for himself in the entertainment industry.

Ashley Hamilton’s Current Net Worth

Ashley Hamilton’s current net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.


Ashley Hamilton is an accomplished actor, comedian, and singer. He has appeared in various TV shows and movies such as “Iron Man 3” and “Sunset Beach.”

Other Ventures

Apart from his successful acting career, Ashley Hamilton is also a talented musician. He has released several music albums and singles, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.


Ashley Hamilton owns a luxurious house in Los Angeles, California, and is known to have several high-end cars in his collection, reflecting his success in the entertainment business.

Annual Income

Ashley Hamilton earns a substantial annual income from his various projects in acting, comedy, music, and other ventures, further solidifying his position as a multi-talented artist in Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ashley Hamilton

1. How much is Ashley Hamilton worth?

Ashley Hamilton’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He has earned his wealth through his work as an actor, comedian, and singer.

2. What are some of Ashley Hamilton’s most famous acting roles?

Ashley Hamilton is known for his roles in movies such as “Beethoven’s 2nd”, “Lost in Africa”, and “Iron Man 3”. He has also appeared in TV shows like “Ally McBeal” and “Sunset Beach”.

3. Does Ashley Hamilton have other sources of income besides acting?

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Ashley Hamilton is also a singer and has released several albums. He has also dabbled in stand-up comedy.

4. How did Ashley Hamilton initially become famous?

Ashley Hamilton initially rose to fame as the son of actor George Hamilton and actress Alana Stewart. He later gained recognition for his own work in the entertainment industry.

5. Is Ashley Hamilton involved in any charity work?

Ashley Hamilton has been involved in various charitable causes over the years, including supporting organizations that focus on mental health awareness and environmental conservation.

6. How has Ashley Hamilton’s net worth evolved over the years?

Ashley Hamilton’s net worth has fluctuated over the years, depending on his work in the entertainment industry and other ventures. However, he has managed to maintain a steady income through various projects.

7. Does Ashley Hamilton come from a wealthy family?

Yes, Ashley Hamilton comes from a family with a background in the entertainment industry. His father, George Hamilton, is a well-known actor, and his mother, Alana Stewart, is an actress and former model.

8. What are some upcoming projects for Ashley Hamilton?

Ashley Hamilton has several projects in the works, including new music releases and potential acting roles. He continues to work on expanding his portfolio in the entertainment industry.

9. How does Ashley Hamilton manage his wealth?

Ashley Hamilton has been known to invest in various business ventures, in addition to his work in entertainment. He also practices financial responsibility and saves for the future.

10. Is Ashley Hamilton active on social media?

Yes, Ashley Hamilton is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he shares updates on his projects and interacts with fans. He also uses social media to raise awareness for causes he is passionate about.


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